A Premier Colorado Independent Life, Health & Index Annuity Brokerage Life happens. And as it will, the need exists to ensure you or your family is protected from financial burdens that can unexpectedly arise due to an illness or accident. From HMOs, PPOs and HSAs, from term life insurance to lifetime income, we have the tools and resources to find the best insurance package to fit your needs. We work with families, small to medium-sized businesses and the self-employed produce the coverage needed to stay protected from the unexpected. Financial Frontiers can make sure you have the coverage in place that fits your needs. As your independent broker, we provide genuinely complimentary, value-added services. We are paid by the insurance companies that you choose, not by you! Our services do not increase or affect the price you pay for insurance. Read More

A Broker You Can Trust We help individuals and businesses select the best insurance options to meet their specific needs. Whether you need life or health insurance, we sort out the complexities, deliver the facts and provide a clear picture of your insurance options. As an independent brokerage, we are not "captive" to the interests of any one provider. We work for our clients, not for insurance companies. However, as a brokerage, Financial Frontiers gets paid by the insurance companies you choose--not by you. You don't pay us a dime, making our services effectively free to you yet unencumbered by the interests of any one insurer.

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A recent independent study of
more than a thousand
consumers found that those who
purchased individual medical
insurance through a professional insurance broker were significantly
more satisfied than those that purchased insurance online.

Beall Research & Training      
May/June 2009       

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Don't let a dizzying array of options leave you discouraged It just doesn't get any easier to navigate the options of plans and prices to determine which is best for you. The uncertainty of impending changes only means you need better information and guidance to make the right choices. Even if you think you are "un-insurable," there are options for you. Traveling abroad may be riskier than you think! Many health insurance policies DON'T COVER YOU when you leave the States. If your policy doesn't, short-term insurance may be a good idea. Learn about life insurance that delivers benefits to you now, today We know how much a good plan can help your loved ones recover from a tragic loss, but did you know there are life insurance plans that benefit you while you're still here? Do you have a pension? If not, that's okay--not many people do these days. Let us show you how an annuity can provide you with income for life without the worry of outliving your money.

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