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Financial Frontiers deals only in Fixed (MYGA) Annuities and
Equity Indexed Annuity (EIA) products. These products are contracts with an insurance company. Your funds are
not invested in the stock market, and your principal is
protected against market downturns. *

We Thoroughly Evaluate Your Annuities Options As an independent annuity broker; Financial Frontiers offers products from dozens of fixed and fixed-index annuity carriers. We review your goals and objectives, and match them to the best products suitable for your long-term financial goals. Interest and index cap rates are prone to change, so we work with a broad range of companies to assure that we can secure the most competitive rates and terms for our clients.

The two major types of annuities are fixed and variable. Variable annuities invest your money in the stock market much like mutual funds. Your money can realize a high rate of return, but you also assume more risk. Indexed annuities guarantee a rate of return, or allow you to realize some of the market gains without the downside risk. How? Simply stated, your gains are determined by a declared cap rate. If the market index your annuity is pegged to increases in a given year, you earn the entire gain up to the cap amount. If the market has no gain or goes negative that year, you receive no interest at all, but your account starts the next year over at its highest point. If the following year sees a gain, you don’t have to make up ground to get back to square one by making up for losses. Let’s face it, zero looks pretty good to a lot of folks who had to endure some real pain over the last few years.

Fixed indexed annuities are on the more conservative side of a balanced financial plan. They are sometimes mentioned in the same breath as bank CDs and bond funds. For example, if you’re now putting aside cash that is not in a retirement account for long-term “safe” money, what do you get in the mail each year from the bank or brokerage firm? That’s right: a form 1099 telling you that the interest you just earned is a taxable amount. Question: When would you like to stop paying taxes on that money? Annuities grow tax-deferred until you take the money out. Depending on how you do that, the money can be tax-favored. In other words, you get interest on your principal, interest on your taxes, and interest on your interest!

Deferred Annuities are defined by a specified period of time for your money to accumulate before you decide how to take payment. You can take a lump sum, and “annuitize” it over a specific period of time, even the rest of your life. There are also options that guarantee how much you can earn in interest after you start withdrawing the money.

Immediate Annuities begin to pay monthly income right away after your premium amount is received. This is generally used by individuals who want an immediate income stream that they cannot outlive.

Let us help you with a sound annuity strategy that suits your specific needs. Contact us today!


For more information on specific carriers, go to our carrier links page.

* You must fully understand how these products work, what can cause potential risk of principal, as well as determining if these products are suitable for your financial goals.

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Are Annuities Right For Me?

The answer, of course, is: “It depends.”

We offer a complimentary analysis of your needs to see if these products are suitable for your specific goals. You should understand that these products are designed for long-term savings, not “rainy day” or emergency money that may be needed within a year or so. Just as certificates of deposits (CDs) have penalties for early withdrawals, annuities have “surrender charges” that can be quite high if you withdraw more than what is allowable under the terms of your contract. Annuities can be a great financial tool for you. We can thoroughly review your current situation and goals to determine how to make your future brighter and more secure.



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